Yingluck did nothing


From Manager, September 25, 2016
Top left: The NCPO [the junta] is not fair. I was sitting and doing nothing but why I have been charged in 15 cases and ordered to make 3.5 billion compensation?
Top right: Sister Dang can be my witness. I was only sitting, wasn’t I?
Below: Dang: Yes, you only sat still.
Yingluck: See!

[Refers to former PM Yingluck who is now facing corruption charges due to the vast losses from the rice-pledging scheme.
The cartoonist contends that the real person who benefited from the scheme was Thaksin’s family, particularly his sister Yaowapa whose nickname is Dang. She is often portrayed as eating a vast mountain of rice to symbolize how another Shinawatra-related family business benefited from government policy.
Critics of Yingluck acknowledge that, as a non-political figure often not allowed to attended government cabinet meetings or contentious debates, she had little to do with government policy. However, they contend that since she held the title of prime minister she is ultimately responsible for government policy.]

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