How to transfer Thawin Pliensri?
เรื่องโยกย้าย ถวิล เปลี่ยนศรีจะทำอย่างไรดี

From ThaiRath, September 11, 2011
Left panel: Yingluck: What shall we do about Thawin Pliensri’s transfer? [out of the National Security Council secretary-general’s position]
Chalerm: We should use the Bang Rakam Model, ma’am. [The Bang Rakam Model is a pilot project in Phitsanulok province initiated by PM Yingluck to help tackle the flooding.]
Middle panel:  Yingluck: Why does everything always follow that model? Explain it to me.
Right panel: Chalerm: So Thawin can get the disaster relief package at the deputy PM’s office.

[This refers to the quick attempts after the Pheu Thai election victory to reshuffle top positions to enable a Thaksin relative to take over the Royal Thai Police.
Controlling the police means that the government can be protected from legal challenges resulting from their actions. Controlling the police for this reason has always been a top priority of governments directed by Thaksin.
The reshuffle required preparing a position of equal importance for the outgoing police chief. This entails sacking Thawin as Secretary General of the Security Council. The cartoonist jokes that Thawin can be considered a flood disaster victim and get relief from the government.]

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