Yet still more cartoons on Prawit’s expensive watch

From Naewna, December 8, 2017
Deputy PM Prawit: I’ve never corruptly stolen even one baht. I’m normally rich. [as opposed to be “abnormally rich”]
Caption: Unlocking politics may be carried out later… let’s first unlock the richness?

[Refers to the case of Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon’s luxury watch and diamond ring that suggested he had undeclared wealth.
This junta has pledged to reform (“unlock”) politics and return the country to the democracy, but the cartoonist asks them to figure out how Prawit is so rich first.]

From Manager, December 8, 2017
PM Prayuth: Only your body I can hardly carry… then you’re adding the watch to make it heavier.
Caption: He doesn’t have sympathy for the person who carrying him.

[The issue of Deputy PM Prawit’s luxury items has negatively impacted PM Prayuth’s administration. As Deputy PM Prawith is senior to Prayuth in the military clique they belong to and the most influential person in the government, he cannot be easily dismissed from his post.]

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