Yes or No


From Manager, July, 2015
Monday long-story cartoon


Morning 5 July (Athens’ time) Greek people who are as seriously ill patients of the EU, leave the house to decide their destiny….


There are few choices for them to choose.


Inside a box: Some people… choose an easy and short way…
A man: Ok… It’s ok to die… and be bankrupt.
[Refers to an option not to accept the EU bailout plan.]


Left: It’s very decisive.
Above a gun: Priang!! [the sound of shooting]
Right: inside a black box: Some people who are not daring enough choose a compromising option… [referring to the option to accept the EU bailout plan]


Left: Because they still have a hope that…
On a bottle: Poison
Right: What they chose will help them recover.


Left: But as a result…
A man: Oh!!.. what is this drug?
Middle: On the bottle: Poison
Right: German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Is the drug too strong?… Greek people may die.
Man with glasses: Not right now.
Man: Ah!!… so… painful…


Left: Ms. Merkel, our drug will torture them for one or two years before they die.
Right: One or two years will be longer enough for them to pay all or some part of our debts… But if we let them die now, our debts will be gone.


And today we know how the Greek choose to heal their illness?
[Refers to the Greek’s referendum on the EU bailout plan in order to solve the Greek economic crisis.]

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