Yellow and Red Cooperation


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Title: Yellow and Red Cooperation
Using false information about energy to overthrow the junta government with the aim to return the power to Thaksin.
[The energy issue is one of the key issues for both Red and Yellow Shirts. While the Red Shirts under Thaksin are supporting the privatization of the energy sector (as Thaksin did during his time in power), the Yellow Shirts opposed privatization as giving away Thai assets to foreign powers (as well as business intermediaries connected with the then Thai Rak Thai government).
When the military took the power, the Yellow groups expected that the energy sector would be reformed (meaning not be privatized) and they supported the junta government. However, once Prayuth has insisted on opening energy concessions and privatization again, the Yellow groups criticized his government. The message in the image is that the growing conflict between the junta and Yellow groups (or anti-Thaksin factions) can benefit Thaksin because it weakens the junta and could lead to elections quicker.]

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  1. Wiz says:

    While PTT demand the end of fuel subsidies, the Bangkok University poll showing the widening schism between PTT vs local folks – even today the local people pointing out that the subsidized fuel could be a lot cheaper while lambasting PTT for pleasing shareholders at the expense of the rest of the country. Local people said the real fuel reform is to make fuel CHEAPER for people while PTT still get healthy profits but not the END of the Subsidies as PTT Demands and those corrupt politicians along with PTT have become the enemies of people for this reason. The end of fuel funds means rising prices of Diesel and NGV while gasoline will become cheaper which is unacceptable.

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