Rice Farmers Pro and Con

From Manager, October 10, 2012
Farmer in the left panel: Every time you have some rice, remember it’s my sweat that you feed on, and become a human.
Right: Every time you mortgage your rice, remember it’s my tax that pays for it so that you remain human.
Caption: Song for Life in the past………….Now!!!!!

[This is pastoral poetry was written by Chit Phummisak in 1947. It tells the story of the hard life of rice farmers. It became famous during the October 14, 1973 protest against the then dictator-led government. It was later arranged to become a popular ‘Song for Life’ by the Karawan band. In the right panel, the taxpayer rephrases the poetry as a criticism of the money that is being funneled by the government for the support of farmers.]

From Thairath, October 10, 2012
The cartoon headline: Having rice with fish bone in the throat. [Meaning “you cannot do something smoothly because someone tries to stop you from doing so.”]
On the left arm of man wearing a suit: Academics
On the back of man: Slaves of rice traders
On the rice in the bowl: Rice mortgage
Mouse man Phi Nooring: They only want to have a full stomach.
On the mouse’s sign: Eliminate rice farmers’ hardship.

[Woman is Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Man in suit represent academics and those who don’t agree with Yingluck’s government’s rice mortgage policy.]

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