Don’t trust the path, don’t trust the people

From Thairath, July 15, 2012
The cartoon headline reads: Don’t trust the path [meaning do not trust that the path will be safe], don’t trust the people
Top left: Don’t trust that the men who show their baseball bat will always ask you to join the game [referring to hooligans on motorcycles]
Top middle: Don’t trust that the man will always come to 7-11 for buying [referring to masked robbers]
Top right: Don’t trust that at age 70, you will not face being raped
Bottom left: Don’t trust the breast of Thai girls. [referring to foreigners cheated or duped by Thai women]
Top middle: Don’t trust that the next flight will land at Suvarnabhumi runway [referring to the many delays due to runway repair]
Top right: Don’t trust that after Friday 13th, there would be no more crisis [referring to the court verdict on the government’s attempt to rewrite the constitution]

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