Yaowapha Doesn’t Care Anymore

From Manager, April 8, 2013
Cartoon title: Monday comic series
Top right: Shadow
Jeh has lost incentives. [‘Jeh’ is a Chinese word means ‘Sister’. The woman is Yaowapha Wongsawas, sister of Thaksin Shinawatra and Prime Minister Yingluck, and wife of former prime minister Somchai Wongsawas. Yaowapha is running in a by-election in a constituency in Chiang Mai. Thaksin plans for her to play leadering role as a Pheu Thai MPs in parliament.]

Caption: Before this, Jeh Doh worked out pretty hard.
Trainer: Good Jeh… it’s half an hour now. You may stop now.
[‘Jeh Doh’ is a nickname some media gives to Yaowapha Wongsawas. Her real nickname is ‘Daeng’.]

Trainer: Run half an hour more, and burn 200 calories.

Khanit Na Nakhon on TV: NACC meeting on the case of Baht 30 million loan that Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra lent to her common law husband’s company…

…resolved that there was no sign of intention to conceal the deal. Therefore, the committee unanimously agreed not to take the case.

Trainer: Oh Jeh… Why do you stop? It’s not half an hour yet.

I’m fatigued… and hungry!

Trainer: Then we could just control your diet… Just have some salad and juice…

Yaowapha: Bring me pork knuckle and mantou… Hainan chicken rice… Durian in coconut milk for dessert!… Fast.
Trainer: Jeh! I thought you said you want to look good?

Yaowapha: I don’t care anymore… Pretty… or good looking!!!

Yaowapha: Damn! I thought I’d be the next premier. Work my ass off… Sis Poo just make it!
[This refers to the fears that led Yaowapha to suddenly run for office becuase of the fear that Yingluck might be disqualified as PM.]

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