“Yama” to be “yaba”

From Manager, December 21, 2010
Left – Sanoh Thientong says: Change the name from “yama” to be “yaba” and the problem will disappear.
The left caption reads: The thought of the man of the old age
Right – Korn Jatikavanich says: The change of the name of the populist policy to the popular progress policy, then the populist policy problem will be solved.
The right caption reads: The thought of the new generation

[The cartoon references Sanoh Thientong, former interior Minister, who popularized a change of the word for “amphetamine” from “yama” (“horse medicine”) to “yaba” (“crazy medicine”) to help combat the use of the drug. At right Finance Minister Korn Jatikavanich is criticized for renaming Thaksin’s “populist policy” to “popular development policy” as Democrats attempt to co-opt Thaksin’s popular policies.]

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