Japanese propaganda booklet from World War II

Almost in time for Hiroshima Day, we have a Japanese propaganda booklet from World War II detailing the Imperial Army's plan for dominating the nations of the region...

Also: Studying Abroad in Japan has a translation and some interesting comments about this booklet
Paul Battley has another translation here.

Also: 2Bangkok.com main page

Carleton writes: While back home in the US this month I went through some old photos and papers of my great aunt who passed away a couple years ago and was in the Women's Army Corp during WW II. A sampling of some Japanese WW2 propaganda emerged. Curious scenes of oppressed/colonized Asia and liberated/happy Asia, from the imperialist Japanese perspective...

Japanese view of the region before (above) and after (below).

Left: Ahead of the recognizable Asian flags still used today are ones for Burma (with old peacock design) and Manchuko (Japanese invention of a free Manchuria).

Right: Detail of the blackboard above. The Thai reads Ka, Tapoo, Bida, Kaba, Jana

Below: The Thai part reads Life and prosperity together.

Below: And from another booklet...

2Bangkok.com main page

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