Statistics show we are doing a good job

From Thairath, March 19, 2017
Title: Join the wrong statistics

[This cartoon ridicules the use of statistics that are used to support claims of efficiency or effectiveness by various groups.]

Top left: 99.99% of the police are good. [a ridiculous claim considering the endemic corruption in the police force]

Top middle: 99.99% of taxi provide service to the people satisfyingly.
[In response to the rise of unofficial share taxi services, the Department of Land Transportation claimed that only 0.01% of people ever had taxi drivers refuse customers because of where they wanted to go. The public scoffed at this claim.]

Top right: 99.99% of people donating the money to the temple will get a huge merit.
[Refers to the Dhamakaya sect’s principle which encourages people to buy the merit by donating to its temple rather than doing good things.]

Bottom left: 99.99% of Dhammakaya monks don’t lie!
[Refers to Dhamakaya’s monks who made many claims during the recent standoff with police. It probably also refers to the Buddhist principles which the Dhamakaya sect teaches in a very different way from traditional Buddhism.]

Bottom middle: 99.99% of corrupted politicians claim they’re slandered.
[Refers to the syndrome of Thai politicians bringing lawsuits against its critics.]

Bottom right: 99.99% of government officers going on a field trip abroad gain knowledge in return.
[Refers to the the travel junkets that groups of government officers are constantly going on. News of lavish spending on these trips enrage taxpayers and get government officials in trouble. Officials counter that they must take these frequent foreign trips to gain knowledge to bring back to Thailand.]

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