Wrong kind of revolution

From Manager, From August 5, 2020
Pannika as “Liberty Leading the People”: Hey!… The French Revolution is not Harry Potter.
Caption: [left] Fantasy of the Mung Ming mob… [right] …of the persons who call for a mob

[This cartoon jokes about how the current youth protests conduct themselves differently from the anti-government groups led by three leaders from the former Future Forward Party.

“Liberty Leading the People” is Pannika, at left is Thanathorn and on the right is Piyabutr. Piyabutr has referenced the French Revolution in articles in past months, including three days a row in July to commemorate the events. Other opposition media outlets covered online classes teaching about the French Revolution and its importance.

As the revolution overthrew and beheaded the then monarch in France, the timing of all this revolution talk would seem similar to the Red Shirt years of protests when revolutionary events and assassinations were brought up–all the while with assurances that it had nothing to do with local events. However, they clearly raise the political temperature.

In contrast, the student protests in recent months have used more “cute” rather than threatening symbolism, such as a Japanese cartoon character and Harry Potter.

“Mung Ming mob” (or “cute mob”) refers to the condescending characterization of the student protests by former deputy army spokeswoman who called them a “cute mob.” This caused the protesters to protest at army headquarters.]

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