Would you dare blow a whistle at Thaksin’s ex-wife?

From Manager, March 2, 2014
Caption: This sis is not good at blowing back with a whistle.
Man on the left is Nutthapol Theepsuwan, an anti-government protest leader. On the right is Thaksin’s son who serves as Thaksin’s unofficial spokesperson in the country and a Red Shirt cheerleader.

[The cartoon refers to the incident where Nutthapol and his wife Thaya blew whistles at Thaksin’s ex-wife Pojjaman at the Emporium department store. This incident was a humiliating breach of etiquette for Thailand, where the elite never have to face such direct ridicule. Allowing such a rude incident to go unchallenged would set a dangerous precedent and give the impression that the Shinawatras were not untouchable.
A few days later, Thaya’s mother’s residence at Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima province was hit with more than a hundred rounds from automatic gunfire and then repeated grenade attacks. These attacks only stopped when the whistle blowers publicly apologized to Pojjaman.]

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