Would the Prime Minister run to oust himself?

From Manager, January 10, 2020
Thanawat: I would like to invite the PM to join Wing Lai Lung!!!
Caption: Their parents may forget to teach them to behave appropriately.

[Refers to the organizer of the running event Wing Lai Lung (“Run oust the uncle”) led by student political activist Thanawat. The run is meant to spark a movement to cause the government to fall by targeting Prayuth (“Uncle”) as the coup leader who ended up as prime minister after elections.
In a smart-alecky way, Thanawat visited Government House to personally invite PM Prayuth to join the event meant to oust his government from power. This was meant to be a humorous and media-grabbing event, highlighting the boldness and confidence of the anti-military movement.
However, as it happened during a mourning period for PM Prayuth’s father who had passed away, critics seized on this to question whether Thanawat was right to make his cheeky invitation.]

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