Worse than the tech students!

From Manager, July 23, 2019
Politicians: Those junior must move… The senior will fight.
Blue flag: Government side
Red flag: Opposition side
Caption: Bloodier than the tech students’ fight

[Refers to the fiery parliamentary debate on the government’s policy manifesto. It was PM Prayuth’s first time attending such a debate in an elected government. He was relentlessly attacked by the opposition during the debate and seemed to be caught off guard by being questioned so intensely.
As this was the first sitting of the new government, the ferocity of the attacks from both sides seemed to indicate the lack of good faith all around and the unthinking animosity that exists in politics.
Violent fights between groups of students enrolled in technical colleges is a longstanding and peculiar cultural tradition of Thailand. Such fights often cause fatalities while not being about anything important.
The cartoonist contends that the vicious political debate in parliament was even worse than the unreasoning fighting of tech students.]

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