Working in IT in Thailand without a work permit

Sarong it’s right: Coining it in Thailand without a visa – The Register, November 26, 2014
[Fascinating to read the comments after the story–lots of people warning how disaster will strike if you step out of line and do something the authorities (whether Thai or UK) do not want you to do.
This must be the golden age of working illegally in Thailand. In the basement of Central Lat Prae and in Esplanade there are always a handful of farangs openly working in shops and handing out flyers to passersby.]
…The Register: You’re working in a – shall we say – mode not entirely supported by Thai immigration law. How’s that possible? And are you afraid of the midnight knock on the door?
David Green: I work illegally, and I’m not comfortable with it. I have to lie to people and tell them I don’t work, just in case it becomes known what I do and it gets back to immigration. I’d prefer to be able to work legally and pay tax, but there is no visa that allows for this…

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