Dying for Maew Makes Your Family a Millionaire

From Manager, January 13, 2012
The signs indicate past violent events when citizens died at the hand of the government and/or military.

Back left: Krue Se [The mosque massacre in 2004 when 32 militants barricaded in a mosque were killed by the military]
Back middle: Black May [the 1992 pro-democracy protests put down by the military that resulted in at least 52 deaths]
Back right: Tak Bai [the 2004 incident when 85 detainees suffocated while being transported by the military]
Front left: October 6 [1976 massacre of students at Thammasat University]
Front middle: Bloody April [2010 Red Shirt protest that ended with the deaths of 6 when the military stormed their camp and at least 91 over the four months of protest]
Front right: October 14 [1973 student-led protest that overthrew the dictatorship]
One of the dead from October 6 is saying: He became rich because he died for Maew. [Maew being the nickname of Thaksin Shinawatra, who is believed to have orchestrated both the 2009 and 2010 Red Shirt protests.]
The caption reads: Deaths from political protests
[This refers to the payouts to victims’ families being made by the government. The opposition has contended that such payments should be made to all past victims of civil strife.]

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  1. Terry King says:

    Only 23 militants were killed in the Krue Se massacre. The other nine victims were local villagers who happened to be praying in the mosque when the militants arrived. The madman responsible for the slaughter made sure that there were no witnesses left behind.

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