Words won’t stop the attack

From Naewna, November 21, 2019
Above grenade launcher: Media shareholder case.
Thanathorn: Our heart has already been hit by injustice, we were accused as being people who don’t know how to live. But our hearts are still warm, we have real blood, real human body. Be sympathetic to our people and what we believe.
Caption: This master of words… cannot escape…!!!

[As the constitutional court readied its judgment on Thanathorn’s shareholding case, he gave a stirring and impassioned speech that impressed many with its sincerity and defiance.
His youthful fearlessness seemed to set him apart from the self-serving and conniving actions of those in the past who also tried to confront the Thai establishment–namely Thaksin.
The cartoonist notes that his speech will not help him escape the judgement of the courts and avlacge of legal cases he is being confronted with.]

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