Without Thaksin there can be profits and peace

From Manager, April 5, 2018
Thaksin’s family escort his coffin back to Thailand for burial in a dream by political kingpin Sanoh Thienthong.
On fan held by monk: Go with no return, Sleep with no awakening, No reviving and no one can escape [traditional Thai Buddhist message used at funerals]
Caption: A picture in Pa Noh’s dream may be like this.

[“Pa Noh” refers to senior politician Sanoh Thienthong from the Pheu Thai Party. Several of the biggest powerhouses in Thailand that fell in with Thaksin’s political clique are now growing old. Their opportunity to hold real power in government again is short.
However, as long as Thaksin lives he will control the Pheu Thai party which is still likely to be the largest party in a future government.
With Thaksin in control, just as it was with previous governments he directed, the only real policy will be gaining a pardon for himself. That means more agitation as the government attempts to maintain popularity with big spending (as in the last Pheu Thai-led government) while it tries to force through charter rewrites or amnesty. This inevitably leads to streets protest and extra-judicial intervention either by the courts or the military.
Without Thaksin, politicians like Sanoh would instead cultivate stability and longevity in government thus providing their MP cliques opportunity for great wealth and a long time in government.]

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