The police–without morality

From Thairath, May 31, 2018
Left, police officer: In case of the police using a vehicle which is considered [private] property in a dispute for their personal use, it is not a crime because [by using it] they help to prevent it from deteriorating.
Middle, people: If you say something like this, it seems like you support the police to act immorally.
Police: How is it immoral?
Right: If someone’s daughter or wife is taken into custody, then the police can take her for their personal benefit.

[Refers to a case where police were caught using property being held in a dispute (like vehicles) for their personal use. This violates the law.
In middle section is the actual reason the police gave for using the property–by driving around people’s cars they were holding, they were helping out by preventing the cars from breaking down from disuse.
The people respond by saying the police might similarly “use” women they are holding to make sure they are in working order.]

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