The following districts could be inundated…

Announcement of Warning on Flooding Situation in Bangkok –, October 19, 2011
…The massive volume of the flood would over flow into the Rangsit Plain affecting the dykes protecting the City of Bangkok and, consequently, the following districts could be inundated:
1. Sai Mai District
2. Khlong Sam Wa District
3. Bang Khen District
4. Nong Chok District
5. Min Buri District
6. Lad Kra Bang District
7. Kan Na Yao District…

FA Spokesman’s Comments in response to media queries on the status of Singaporeans in Bangkok, Thailand – Singapore Embassy, October 19, 2011
…Unless travel is absolutely necessary, we urge Singaporeans planning to travel to Bangkok in the next few days to consider waiting for the flood situation to improve before doing so…

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