Eyeing the Buddhist majority vote, Aung San Suu Kyi’s silence on the Muslim Rohingya draws criticism

Suu Kyi’s silence on Rohingya draws rare criticism – AP, August 16, 2012
…For weeks, Suu Kyi has dodged questions on the plight of a Muslim minority known as the Rohingya, prompting rare criticism of the woman whose struggle for democracy and human rights in Myanmar have earned her a Nobel Peace Prize, and adoration worldwide.
Human rights groups have expressed disappointment, noting that the United Nations has referred to the Rohingya – widely reviled by the Buddhist majority in Myanmar – as among the most persecuted people on Earth. They say Suu Kyi could play a crucial role in easing the hatred in Myanmar and in making the world pay more attention to the Rohingya.
Analysts and activists say that Suu Kyi’s stance marks a new phase in her career: The former political prisoner is now a more calculating politician who is choosing her causes carefully…

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