Winning on the fake

From Thairath, July 10, 2016
Title: Winning on the fake

Top left: Fake title deeds to build resorts in a half of the country
[Refers to the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO) illegally allocating deeds to lands which are then occupied by the rich. This has long been a problem, but governments dominated by regional tycoons always prevented reforms. The junta however, used the absolute power of Article 44 to retake many resorts that had been found to be situated on ALRO-allocated land.]

Top middle: Travel companies with fake-Thai nationality spreads out

[Refers to how Chinese companies set up travel companies in Thailand to cater to the massive influx of Chinese tourists, but, as the tourism business is reserved for Thai citizens, fake the nationality of the company so it appears to be owned by Thais.]

Top right: Fake saint promoting human rights ideology
[Refers to the US’s actions in chastising Thailand’s and other countries for human rights violations. As the US is beset by many of its own human rights scandals, many Thais see US statements on the Thai situation as a cynical attempt to intervene in Thailand for their own benefit. For instance, US call for “quick elections” after the coup would have obviously brought a Thaksin-directed party back to power. This is cited by both Thaksin foes as well as Red Shirt leaders as a sign that the US sides with Thaksin and wants him back in power.]

Bottom left: Fake exit deceiving the people who want the election as the right answer for the country

[The woman is Red Shirt leader Thida Thavornseth who has been urging for elections and the return of democracy. The cartoonist contends that, if the election takes place, the same bad politicians will return to harm the country.
About the animal-headed figures]

Bottom middle: Fake hi-so facing jail

[Refers to Monta Yokrattanakan, known as Khunying Kai, who lodged complaints against her former employees. After the police investigated, it was found she was involved with many cases of deception involving powerful persons. She was jailed after it was learned she used the royally bestowed title “Khunying” despite never having been given the title.
“Hi-so” is a Thai term meaning “high society society” often used to refer to those with pretensions of being in a high social class.]

Bottom right: Why don’t you invite the UN to see the fake draft constitution?

[This mocks the anti-junta Red Shirts who have asked the UN to monitor Thailand’s political situation. The cartoonists suggests that the Red Shirts allow the UN to monitor the many fake versions of the charter that have been circulated to try to get people to vote against it.]

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