Will the military hold itself responsible for the flooding?


From Thairath, September 28, 2016
Yingluck: Where is the NACC? Please answer my question… Flood in 2011, you sued Pu [referring to herself as Yingluck’s nickname is “Pu”]. In 2016, now it’s flooding. Whom will you sue?
Waters around Yingluck: Flood 2011
On the military man’s shirt: Return happiness [this is the junta’s slogan “Return happiness to the people”]
Flood around the military: Flood 2016
Phi Nooring: Sue God.
Mouse: It’s natural incident. [these last two statements are sarcasm to indicate that the military would never hold itself responsible for the floods as they did with the previous government]

[The cartoon questions the junta on the treatment toward former PM Yingluck regarding the flooding of 2011. This year in 2016, the junta also faces extensive flooding. The cartoonist is inquiring whether the junta will be investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) like Yingluck’s government was after the flooding of 2011. Since the junta has absolute power of politics, it seems unlikely an independent investigation could be mounted against it.
The cartoon uses Buddhist-era years which are 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar.]

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