Will the elections solve anything?

From Thairath, April 18, 2018
Left, a foreigner: I’m so happy for you that Thailand is going to have an election.
Middle, Thai man: It can be either good or bad news.
Foreigner: How can it be bad news?
Right: Those old-face politicians who are hungry will return to the parliament by using the old means.

[Refers to the upcoming elections in Thailand. The cartoon illustrates the concern that the election will simply bring old-style politicians to return to the politic arena.
These old-style politicians make deal to gain power without regard to ideology or doing anything for the people. Most are multi-generation political-business-mafia groupings that monopolize power in a certain region of the country.
Since the junta took the power, those politicians have had to stay silent on military orders. Those who support the military welcomed the lack of these old political men and their backroom big money deals that always seemed to benefit their allies and cronies.
The cartoonist explains that the old politicians are hungry to gain control of the government again and all the money it can return to them.]

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