Will the Astrazeneca be on time?

From Manager, May 27, 2021
Left, Thanathorn: If it comes on time in June… it will kill us all… [meaning the opposition has been sowing doubt about the safety and availability of the vaccines in their efforts to attack the government, so if the Astrazeneca vaccines comes on time the opposition will loose an issue they have been harping on]
Left caption: Opposition parties’ God of death
Right: If it can’t come on time in June… it will kill us all… [meaning if the Astrazeneca vaccines are not available as promised, the government will suffer a massive loss of face]
Right caption: …Government’s one.

[Refers to the roll out of Astrazeneca vaccine on time with the government’s announcemeed June 7 deadline. To maintain this self-imposed deadline, the government planned to use Sinovac on the elderly instead of Astrazeneca since they are still unable to produce enough in quantity. However, the government maintains all the does have been transferred to the government on time.]

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