Wichean, please help disperse the mob

From Manager, March 10, 2011
Left, the person is saying: Mr. Wichean [Police Gen Wichean Potpohsri], please help disperse the mob. They stage a blockade of the soi [street] causing the people to suffer.
Gen. Wichean says: Haah… Where?
At right, the person says: There it is… Soi Sawasdee Sukhumvit 31.
The word on the barrier reads: Not allowed to pass.
[The joke here is that the police have been under pressure to disperse the PAD rally downtown that has been purposely blocking some major streets in an attempt to needle and provoke the authorities. Here, the text on the left side would seem to refer to the PAD blockages, but at the right it is revealed to refer to the closure of Sukhumvit 31 which is the residence of PM Abhisit. Both Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts have repeatedly threatened to occupy the area.]

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