Why Yingluck ran away

From Thairath, August 28, 2017
Title: The most intense battlefield
Left, man: The former PM didn’t show up to hear the verdict on the rice-pledging scheme which had proceeded for many years. Her critics criticized her for “escaping the verdict.”
Phi Nooring: Since they have mouths, they keep saying things.
Mouse man: Don’t want an illegal power.
Middle: Phi Nooring: She did her best to fight this case and we all know the fact. But, she didn’t “escape the verdict.”
Mouse: Don’t want an illegal power.
Man: Then, what did she escape from?
Right: She escaped the injustice of Kalaland!
Mouse: Don’t want an illegal power.

[This is a cartoon from a steadfastly pro-Thaksin and pro-Red Shirt cartoonist. We had wondered how pro-Thaksin voices would begin to conceptualize Yingluck’s surprise flight into exile.
These cartoons reflect apparent talking point that Yingluck had to flee because, after all, she could not get justice from the Thai courts. This is perhaps not comforting to others in her government who, buoyed by her vows to face the courts, did not flee and now face lengthy incarcerations.
“Kalaland” is a word used in place of “Thailand” by those who oppose the junta. It means that those who support the junta live under a shell (“kala”) and are tightly controlled by the junta, like a frog that lives under a coconut shell. This idea is a counterpoint to those who oppose Thaksin and say his supporters are ignorant of democracy and are easily controlled by a rich family.
The mouse man is artist Sia’s caricature of activist Sombat Boongamanong, whose nickname is Nuling (or “mouse”). He always appears at the edge of Sia’s cartoons, often calling for human rights and reform.]

From Thairath, August 29, 2017
Title: Because of the serious disease damaging..!
Left, a judge: Former PM Poo (Yingluck) is gone and didn’t show up to hear the verdict as she said she was sick due to Meniere’s disease. We don’t believe it.
On his book: My law.
Man with glasses: Because you didn’t see a medical certificate?
Man with glasses, right: But due to a people’s certificate, it shows that she’s gone because she was sick from “unequal justice disease.”
Phi Nooring: The whole world knows it.
Mouse man: She will die if she stays.

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