Why they voted no


From Thairath, August 9, 2016
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: I noticed that some of us went to vote YES on referendum day.
Middle: I will report this to the Big Boss [Thaksin]. Why did they betrayed by not going to vote NO?
Right: After Big Tu [PM Prayuth] becomes the prime minister, they are going to jail one by one because they all carry criminal cases.
(Sender: Khun Nick Pongpoo – San Francisco) [this is crediting the person who gave the cartoonist the idea]

[We think this means that approving the new charter is the only way to get Prayuth out of the position of prime minister. The former Pheu Thai Party-led government attempted to dismiss charges against Red Shirts and instead brought cases against Democrat Party members.
When the military took over and Prayuth became prime minister, cases and investigations against Red Shirts, Pheu Thai Party members and government officials were revived.]

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