Why McDonald’s in Thailand is the best McDonald’s in the world

Above: McRice Burger

Man who has eaten McDonald’s in more than 30 countries reveals who does it best
Of all the McDonald’s he’s tried, Williams says Thailand does it best.
Here are a few reasons he thinks Thailand has the best McDonald’s…

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

2010: Waiing Ronald McDonald
2011: Arrow and McDonalds
2008: Thai McDonalds
2006: McRice Burger
2002: McSomtam

And in recent years McDonalds in Thailand has become associated with the internal struggles of the Red Shirts. The branch at Rajaprasong became a protest venue for Red Shirts who oppose their movement being used as a tool to obtain amnesty for Thaksin: Dotted buffaloes against the blanket amnesty

And Durian McFlurry at McDonald’s Singapore

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