Why keep Prayuth When You Can Have Another Thaksin Relative?


From Manager, August 30, 2016
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn gestures to PM Prayuth: Under the dictator… you can’t choose the PM. The PM must be this man… It doesn’t work compared with democracy.
Right: We have four PMs for you to choose.
The people are four close Thaksin relatives (left to right): Panthongtae, Peathongtarn, Yaowapa, Pintongtha
Caption: The difference [between]… Dictatorship and democracy

[Red Shirt leader Jatuporn who has been pointing out that the system under the new charter will return PM Prayuth to power. The cartoonist jokes that democracy would inevitably return non-politicians like Thaksin family members to the prime minister post again to try to engineer another Thaksin amnesty.]

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