Why foreigners criticize Thai people who speak “Siamese Talk”

From Thairath, June 10, 2012
The cartoon title: Why foreigners criticize Thai people who speak “Siamese Talk”
[Recently, the slang phrase “Siamese talk” has been coined to mean that when Thais say something, it really means the opposite. This is to highlight hypocritical or otherwise misleading statements or imply that “Siamese talk” is unreliable. It has most often been applied to the government interrupting a relatively calm political period by pushing “reconciliation bills.”]

Top left: If gambling, they said they play “soccer gambling”! [as if gambling is a sport because it is related to football]

Top middle: When cheating on flood rehabilitation budget, they said they did a “mistake by accident”! [referring to government response to graft in the flood aid programs]

Top right: They didn’t like the court judgement, so they said “the court robbed people’s power”! [referring to Thaksin speeches to the Red Shirts that halting government reconciliation measures on his behalf was the same as stealing his money–this implies that he is depending on “reconciliation” to return his confiscated money]

Bottom left: [When the U.S. is] coming to set up a military base, Thai people said “NASA came to do research”! [referring to requests by the U.S. to utilize U-tapao airport.]

Bottom middle: Government officials came to participate in the protest [to disband or otherwise punish the court for ruling against Thaksin], they said they came to “practice the dharma”! (in front of Dusit Zoo)

Bottom right: For the act of cleaning a convicted person, they say it’s “the act of reconciliation”! [referring of the reconciliation bills which will provide amnesty for Thaksin and return his confiscated money]

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