Why do Thai prime ministers leave office?


Above: From January 7, 2009: Besides the plethora of font types, sizes and colors, the Thai government cabinet website continues to show unusually worded reasons for prime ministers leaving office. I bet you didn’t know Thaksin left office because of the “State Administration Assembly on September 19, 2006” (the date of the coup).


Above: September, 2014: Gen. Prayuth gains office by “General Assembly resolution National.”

According to the website, the last PM specified to have been appointed to office by a coup is Kriangsak Chomanan in 1977. The last PM specified to have left office due to a coup is Chatichai Choonhavan in 1991.

Also: From 2012: Thai Government Website Gets An Upgrade: Yingluck, Yingluck, Yingluck!

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