Why did President Yudhoyono sit next to Thaksin?

Insight: The President’s politically incorrect gesture – thejakartapost.com, July 21, 2012
…My question is, why did President Yudhoyono not convey his objection at being seated next to a graft convict, who happens to be a former prime minister of Thailand? And, why were the organizers of the event so insensitive to the fact that Thaksin’s presence near Yudhoyono could cast serious doubts over the Indonesian President’s commitment to the fight against corruption?…

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2 Responses to Why did President Yudhoyono sit next to Thaksin?

  1. Wantanee says:

    It seems Indonesian prominent lawyer Todung Mulya Lubis got wrong info about Thaksin, namely from the pro-ammat English newspapers like Bangkok Post and the Nation or Manager ASTV owned by Sonthi Lim the yellow shirts now-bankrupt boss. Never mind, people like Todung is in the minority and more and more people in the streets can get alternative information about Thaksin from Voice TV and Asia Update TV

  2. mm says:

    Politics here is mainly about factional disputes over trough space. I doubt whether Wantanee seriously believes that Voice TV is a more balanced news source than say the banker-alligned Bangkok Post. If you look back at 1932, most of the political noise was generated by factions who felt they weren’t getting the status that their supposed qualifications demanded. In the log-term, such noise actually led to even greater repression. Nothing has really changed. There is absolutely no one out there who is even remotely interested in reforming this country to give ordinary grunts real greater power. Rather, it is always all about bribing the electorate into endorsing access to the exchequer for the usual kleptocratic and nepotistic purposes. Scratch just about any prominent yellow-shirt/red-shirt and you will find that they feel that society owes them a big favor for their supposed qualifications. Does one really wants to get involved in a bloody civil war just to keep such greedy folks in the comfort that they think they are entitled to? The best ”alternative information” comes from one’s own imagination, and does not involve enslavement to either set of kleptocrats.

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