Whose army?

From Thairath, October 23, 2018
Title: People’s army?
On the bag carried by Gen. Apirat: If there is chaos, then a coup will take place.
Sign close to PM Prayuth: Extend the power line of the NCPC [the junta]
On the bag: Pracharat, Thai Niyom Yangyuen. Without an investigation and can operate freely [meaning pro-military political parties seem to be allowed to conduct political activities despite the ban]
Phi Nooring: Be neutral and not involved with politics
Mouse: A huge burden mission

[Refers to army chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong who recently insisted that army remains neutral and will not intervene if politics is stable after the election. However, if there is political chaos the military would not rule out a coup.
This angered anti-junta and pro-Thaksin politicians eager to have free reign in politics after the next elections.
The cartoonist further shows that Gen. Apirat attitude is supporting the ascension of pro-military parties and politicians.
The people being carried by Gen. Apirat are (from left to right) Suthep, Deputy PM Somkid, Deputy PM Prawit and PM Prayuth.]

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