Who will write the new constitution?

From Manager, June 4, 2014
Military officer: There are only these two in Thailand, Gen. Prayuth. Meechai is in business for a long time. For Witsanu, he was an apprentice at Meechai’s shop. But he opens his own shop now.
Sign on the left shop: Witsanu Services
On window: Constitution drafting service, fast and accurate, young and enthusiastic
Sign on the right shop: Meechai Mechanic
On yellow banner: Welcome
On window: Constitution drafting services, longer 50-year experience
Caption: He’ll have to choose one of these two after all.

[Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha is the junta head. Meechai Ruechuphan is a former deputy prime minister and former speaker of the senate. Witsanu Khruangam is one of the country’s leading law experts. He is also former deputy prime minister in the Thaksin government. Both have experience in re-drafting Thai constitutions over the years. This cartoons refers to the junta’s apparent decision to assign former Thaksin appointee Witsanu to be responsible for drafting a new Thai charter.]

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