Who to investigate?

From Thairath, January 13, 2017
Left: The story about me ordering the kidnap-murder of a tomboy is not true, the witnesses are framing me…
Middle: The investigators are clever, I know well because I was a superintendent [of a police station].
Offier: You know all very well, then what do you want us to do?
Right: Change the investigators team to the superintendent [of the police station] who was investigated the inTeacher Jomsup case.

[This refers to a case involving a love triangle that ended in murder. In the cartoon, the person jailed for the offense asks that his case be investigated by the same person in care of the notorious Jomsup case. In that case, the police appeared to have knowingly convicted the wrong persona. Thus, the person in jail (who is guilty) hopes the incompetent or corruptible police will not convict the guilty person.]

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