Who? sign

Billboard, just south of the Don Muang Toll plaza south bound:
Who? Topples democracy, opposes the election, obstructs payments to rice farmers

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3 Responses to Who? sign

  1. Wiz says:

    Another case of propaganda by billboards

  2. %%% says:

    There is a widespread suspicion that Peua Thai and the Redshirt leadership are actually profiting through this scheme through their direct or indirect involvement in rice storage and trading. Do you have an occupational data on Peua Thai MPs, candidates and Redshirt leadership? It is obviously almost impossible to get an real evidence of profiteering, as the whole point of having a corrupt RTP and justice system is to watch the mafia’s back.

  3. Wiz says:

    One thing to be sure, many rice mill owners are PT men’s vote canvassers [political machines] which have to be well-oiled at all cost to secure election victory.

    Now, the government has told KTB to grant the 5 billion Baht loan for rice mill owners to turn rice certificates into cash – not a free cash but the loan with the interest rates closed the level of loan sharks for farmers but friendly rates for the case of loan to the rice mill owners.

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