Who is to blame for the election?

From Manager, April 29, 2019
Man on the left: How did you arrange the election… but can’t announce the result!!!
Election Commission head Ittiporn (middle): Because of him… How did he write the constitution… it is very difficult to verify…
Charter drafter Meechai (right): Because of him… order me to write like this [he is pointing a member of the military junta who control politics]

[Refers to situation faced by the Election Commission (EC) led by Ittiporn Boonpracong. After the election on April 24, 2019, the EC still cannot figure out how to calculate the allocation of seats for party-list MPs.
They finally decided to seek assistance from the Constitution Court for the judgment. Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Meechai denied to provide any comment regarding this matter as he said his duty as the chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee has already finished.
The constitution has been criticized as being written to serve the prolongation of the junta’s power.]

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