Who is responsible for the Boss case?

From Manager, September 8, 2020
On the board: Seeking the truth of Boss’ case.
Left: Finally… there is one big guy… who makes the justice system worsen.
Right: …He is this man… who has been in power for 6 years, but does not reform the police and the justice system.
Caption: Khun Vicha… forgets one person [meaning he forgot to put one person on his chart–PM Prayuth]

[Refers to the hit-and-run murder case involving Red Bull scion Vorayuth Yoovidhya. As this involves a wealthy tycoon, it seems the suspect has been able to dodge any consequences in the case, even getting the military-dominated government to completely drop the charges.
After a public outcry, Vichan Mahakun was appointed by the PM to investigate the controversy of the dropping of the charges.
The cartoonist shows the Vichan employing the typical tact of using charts to show criminal conspiracies between various figures. PM Prayuth is then blamed for not reforming the police and justice system as was once promised.
After the 2014 coup, the military promised bold reforms that would have never been implemented by the major political parties. For example from 2014: The era of the independent (and politicized) Thai police is over, Dissolution of the Royal Thai Police and Junta reverses course: No reform of the Royal Thai Police
However, as time passed, there seemed to be a switch in the military perception. It became clear they were becoming confident that a system could be devised where they could maintain power after elections. The formerly bold reforms were abandoned as the focus shifted to maintaining good relations and acquiescence from bodies that were earlier pegged for reform–such as the Thai police.]

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