Who got rich?


From Manager, August 28, 2016
Thaksin’s sister Potjaman says: Look, kids… Doctor Leab helped corruption for this huge amount of money for our family to have unlimited funds.
Thaksin’s children from left to right are Peathongtar, Panthongtae, and Pintongtha
Caption: If he looks outside, will he see this picture?

[The man in jail is Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee, former ICT minister during Thaksin’s government, whose nickname is Leab.
Recently, he was jailed for malfeasance in office by illegally changing a telecom concession contract to help then Prime Minister Thaksin’s Shin Satellite Corp. This was one of the most notorious incidents of government policy and Thaksin family interests intersecting during Thaksin’s time in office.
The Thai media often point out how low-level political appointees and minions of the Thaksin family end up serving time in jail while Thaksin’s family itself remains untouchable.]

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