Who controls the laws?

From Thairath, March 23, 2017
Title: Where is majority law?
PM Prayuth: Use Article 44 because there is a group using majority laws.
Suthep: If the reform isn’t finished, cannot have an election.
On the man’s shirt at right: Blockade the government house and the airport
Phi Nooring: My law. Tu’s law. Whose law?
Mouse: The same group

[This cartoon takes a sarcastic looks at the junta and anti-Thaksin groups led by Suthep Thaugsuban and the Yellow Shirts. In the cartoon, the “majority law” means something like “most of the people agree on a point”–in this case those who oppose the junta’s actions.
So it means the PM is going against majority opinion with the support of anti-Thaksin groups. This is perceived as being to serve their own needs and unfairly attack their opposition and penalize Thaksin. This is another potent claim of unfairness and lack of justice in the Thai system.]

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