Who can fire the government?

From Manager, April 3, 2014
Thaksin Shinawatra to his sister, Yingluck: See… I really trust in Ai Tou.
The guard: I’m an employee of his company. How can I fire the company’s owner? I have to protect my own status.
On the guard’s left arm: Security
Sign on the building: the Shinawatra Co., Ltd.
Caption: You heard the company’s guard… Is it clear now?

[The words spoken by Thaksin here refer to an audio clip of a conversation between Thaksin and Gen Yutthasak Sasiprapha, former defense minister in Yingluck cabinet. In the clip, leaked last year and authenticated by Thaksin’s son, they talked about ways the government could enable a Thaksin return to Thailand and Thaksin expressed confidence in Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army. This led to rumors that the clip meant that Thaksin had reached an agreement with the army chief not to block his return to Thailand and to political power.

The guard in front of the house is Gen. Prayuth. The words he says refer to an interview when he stated that he cannot deny the government’s authority which is the same as an employee who cannot fire the owner of the company he/she works for. This led to disappointment from many who wished the army would exercise its traditional self-proclaimed role as a power that can remove a government that becomes too corrupt, greedy, or otherwise upsets the balance of power in the Thai system. It confirmed the belief for many that what Thaksin said in the audio clip was true–Prayuth could be trusted not to stand in the way of Thaksin’s return.

Since the present government has attempted a broad rewriting of the constitution, used state funds in populism schemes narrowly designed to benefit its party supporters, refused court oversight of its actions, forced Shinawatra family relatives into top positions again (like the chief of police), and attempted to give Thaksin a pardon, anti-government groups think it is acceptable for the army to step in. The carton expresses disappointment that the army chief is not willing to take action against Thaksin and the government.]

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