Who came crawling after all?

Above: Who Will Come Crawling? From Manager, April 8, 2018

As many predicted, the Democrats went back on Abhisit’s pledge never to join with the present junta in a government. Abhisit’s pledge was essentially a guarantee that the Democrats would be in the opposition since they also refused to join a Phea Thai pro-Thaksin alliance.

We are reminded of the above cartoon from early last year that predicted that the junta and Democrats would have to become allies sooner or later.

Post-election media reports largely advised that the poor showing of the Democrats indicated their irrelevance as a party. However, the Democrats ended up being the critical kingmakers (along with the Bhumjaithai) in deciding whether pro-Thaksin or pro-military parties would rule the country.

From the plumb cabinet posts the Democrats (as well as the Bhumjaithai) are rumored to have secured for themselves, it seems it was junta who had to crawl to ensure continued control of the country and shut Thaksin out of power.

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