White Masks and Communists Trying to Overthrow the Government

From Thairath, June 7, 2013
Cartoon title: Nowadays there are mob events… from Sanam Luang to the Government House
Man on the left: Wear white mask and gather at the House.
On the bag: Wages for overthrowing the government
On man with the white mask: Coming in in the millions
On next suit: the Communists, the Communist Party of Thailand [referring to a group of former members of the Communist Party of Thailand who staged a protest at government House recently — the occasional anti-government protests by former communists are particularity galling to the Red Shirts as the movement was originally meant to encompass all the anti-establishment groups that might apply pressure to those who opposed a return of Thaksin or his family to power]
On the headband: PAD [the People Alliance for Democracy, aka the Yellow Shirts]
On the cap: Salim [Salim is a multicolor Thai dessert. In politics, the multicolor shirt group led by Dr. Tul Sitthisomwong, is nicknamed Salim.]
Mouse: Mobs or actors?
[This implies that those who are protesting the government are all being paid to do so. This is a typical accusation made against protesters in Thailand.]

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