White lie

From Manager, February 12, 2014
Top: Khun Tong… when we said we’re happy to grant you loans to pay off the pledged rice…
Bottom: …we’re white-lying!
Caption: Voices from banks’ CEOs to the Finance Minister
[‘Tong’ is nickname of the Caretaker Finance Minister Kittirat na Ranong. ‘White lie’ is the notorious term used by Kittirat himself when he confessed that he lied about the export growth rate figure in 2012 for the good of the country. Here bank executives mock the government using its own statement about a while lie. Banks’ senior executives include, in the middle, Mrs. Kannikar Chalitaporn, President of the Siam Commercial Bank Plc.; Mr. Banthoon Lamsam (in green jacket), CEO and President of Kasikorn Bank Plc.]

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