White girl wants to be Chinese

“Good to be Chinese” – Chinese New Year promotion at Central Plaza Grand Rama 9

Update: Thai retailer apology for controversial Chinese New Year ad – AFP, February 1, 2014

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  2. Central Pattana Public Company Limited says:

    31 January 2014

    Dear Editor,
    It has come to our attention that CPN’s recent Chinese New Year campaign advertisement may have been seen controversial among the Chinese communities.
    We would like to make our heartfelt apology on this issue. We do not have any intention to offend to the Chinese communities. We are extremely sorry for the lack of judgment in this issue as we did not realize that the gesture of the model in the advertisement would be offensive to the Chinese communities.
    We put this issue as our top priority and have taken an immediate action to solve this problem. The advertisement has been taken down from all of our advertising platforms.
    CPN is striving to give the best and rewarding experience to our customers in every aspect. We promise that in the future we will strengthen our advertising review process and take other steps to prevent this type of issue from happening again.

    Sincerely yours,
    Central Pattana Public Company Limited

  3. Edward Clampton says:

    Dear Central Pattana PLC,
    Thank you for your heartfelt apology in this matter.
    I hope you also realize that the advertising and retailing of skin lightening & whitening products in your outlets is deeply offensive to people of ALL skin complexions. Marketing of such products with the use of obviously-artificial pasty-faced wazook models is every bit as offensive as a model attempting to achieve a slant-eyed look. Both are creating an offensive stereotype that bears absolute no resemblance to natural reality. And then there are the poor unfortunate souls who are bribed by advertising into thinking that a darker skin complexion is unthinkable in modern-day society, if one wants to get ahead in life. Yet another injured group are those people who actually prefer the company of femmes of darker complexions. I doubt you have any idea how betrayed one feels when it is realized that one’s partner or potential partner is trying to lighten her skin. And,of course, we are now going down the very slippery path of skin lightening & whitening products for men – which will create an even larger number of fashion victims. Will the next fashion fad here be lightening & whitening products for one’s pets, one wonders.

    More than a heartfelt apology would be appreciated in this matter. It really is time that we completely banned the marketing and retailing of products that are both debase the human appearance and lead to a greater incidence of skin cancer. Not to mention the trauma they cause to the already wounded pride of the locally-based expat male community.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Edward Clampton

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