White Buffalo Says Goodbye

From Manager, August 29, 2012
White buffalo: A white buffalo like me has nowhere to stand in this country. The government only favors the red buffaloes.
Caption: Why Boonma, the buffalo, ran away.

[Recently, there is a story in the news of a rare white buffalo, named Booma, which was donated to a college in Isan. The buffalo did not get along with the other buffaloes so the college traded if for a couple of ordinary buffaloes. The original owner of Boonma was upset that his donation was discarded.
The cartoon jokes that the reason the white buffalo did not get along well with other buffaloes was that the government favors Northeasters–here derisively referred to as “red buffaloes”–in its policies. This leaves other parts of the country that do not support the government as outcasts.]

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