Whistle to the Moon

From Thairath, December 16, 2020
Title: How to blow to get a satellite.
Anek Laothamatas: In 7 years, Thailand won’t be developing country.
On his chair: MHESI Minister
Phi Nooring: Used to blow and get a minister chair.
Mouse: Wish him to reach his dream.
Man: Are the non-asphalt roads gone in Thailand?

[Refers to Adjunct Professor Dr. Anek Laothamatas, Minister of Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI). He vowed that Thailand would build its own spacecraft and launch it to orbit the moon within seven years.
Anek is a serial party jumper, having been part of a series of parties. This was once much more common before the 1997 charter that made it harder to move from party to party.
The cartoonist points out that Anek was part of the junta government and this is symbolized by his whistle blowing, used by those who wanted the military to intervene with a coup and stop the Pheu Thai from pardoning Thaksin in 2014. It was earlier used to pressure elected governments with small crowds following MPs and government figures and blowing whistles.
Anek was immediately widely criticized over his statements about the moon rocket. Many noted it would be a waste of money, especially when the nation cannot solve even simple problems such as dusty roads in the provinces.
Paving provincial roads has been a perennial campaign with many parties promising paving so that rural people should not have to live in such dusty conditions.]

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