While keeping a votive tablet in the mouth

From Thairath, November 21, 2019
Title: Although you speak while keeping a votive tablet in your mouth…
On the podium: NACC [the National Anti-Corruption Commission]
NACC chief Worawit Sukboon: Please believe in us. We are honest, justice and professional.
On the boxes of evidence he is standing on: Remaining case; lend from friends [Deputy PM Prawit’s explanation as to how he obtained expensive watches]; corruption of government officers; amulets; big cases; case of friends; cases of the opposition; corruption [all of this means there is aple evidence of wrongdoing but the NACC sweeps it under the rug]
On papers held by a man at the back left: Order to be incorrect; Order to be correct [meanign the NACC is taking orders from the government]
On paper held by man at left: News [meaning they are the media]
Phi Nooring: Believe in the action
Mouse: Justice that can be ordered.

[Refers to the credibility of the National Anti-Corruption Commission led by Secretary-General Worawit Sukboon. The cartoonist contends that the NACC’s work seems to benefit to the government as probes of government allies are delayed of dismissed. Meanwhile the opposition must suffer the consequences.
The cartoon uses the Thai proverb “while keeping a votive tablet in the mouth” meaning a person who tries to refer to Buddhist principles to support his actions in convincing people to believe him. The meaning is like the English idiom “to swear on a stack of Bibles.”]

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